Шехерезада 21 века (halibi) wrote in semeticxgirls,
Шехерезада 21 века

Hello, everyone!

Hello. I am new to this community=) I'm very glad that I found it=)
Let me introduce myself. My name is Sabira (Sabi). I am 1\2 arab (Algerian), 1\4 Mordovian (one of the ethnic groups living in Russia), 1\4 Russian.  I have also bugarian and jewish roots.
I have dark brown hair, green eyes and olive skin.=)
And now to the main  topic of my message: I see that there are no new discussions in this community  for a long time..=( I hope, we can bring this community to live again. Girls , what topics are interesting for you to discuss?
- beaty, love, free time, hobby, what more? I think we can discuss many things if there are some people who want to do it=))
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