kerala_rain (kerala_rain) wrote in semeticxgirls,

is auschwitz plural

when i type this i hear, ehud olmert's,
passionate rehetoric from washington for peace in the middle east,
him extending his hand to the 'democratically elected' govt in palastine,

edward said is dead, many others were killed,
last week palastine commemorated, the 58th aniversary of them being,
supplanted from their own soil.

"after auschwitz poetry is barbaric" said adorno

is auschwitz singular or plural
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It's a proper name, so it is singular.
Arabs, like this fabricated nation, the Arab Palestinians, don't belong in this discussion, since they are Hamites, like Ishmael's mother, Hagar, an Egyptian. Ishmael was already only 50% Semite and his children were only 25% Semite. By the tenth generation, the Ishmaelites were 0.01% Semite.

As against this, a large Semite gene pool was created by Isaac and Jacob marrying girls of their own stock.