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Semitic Girls

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Semitic Girls of Livejournal
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This community is for girls of semitic heritage. Whether it be Jewish, Islam, Saudi Arabian, Lebanese, Iranian, you name it, this is your place!

Also, a community for men and women kind alike who love semitic women.

Please post your pictures, artwork, thoughts, ideas, feelings, photography, anything! Be creative!


1. No flamming. Will not be tolerated. Users who disregard this rule will have to deal with being immediately banned.

2. PEACE over everything else. This is not a hatred communtiy, this is a community to revel in the sensuality, and sexyness that is Semitic Women.

3. No community spamming, unless topic/community related.

Any further questions, please contact me at darkgamine@hotmail.com or AIM me on "Caitlins Requiem"

Your Moderator,