митнагед (bahur_tov) wrote in semeticxgirls,

I nether thought that girls from Inan are also semitic!

Af paam lo hashavti, ci tzaitot miIran gam nehshavot lesemim! Ze beemet nahon?
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ken ze nachon. we originate from the iraq/iran region, you know.
and yet, as far, as I know, the contemporary Iranians and not semitic, but.. I don't know the English word (in TaNaH "ashkuz") - well, they are thery close to people from Tadjikistan and speak non-semitic language. Of course, anyway an Iranian is a mixuter of this more northern tribe and semitic tribes, that were conquered by it, wher Kirus came, yet, I'm not sure we can call the Iranians semits. That's why I asked )