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i fucking hate the last one.
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ohsweetnothin : I think you must be the most beautiful person alive and I don't want to seem like I'm sucking up to you, that's just how I feel. You look ageless in a sense, you could be from any century; from a five hundred year old painting, a silent film or a sixties fashion shoot.. damn, I wish I could express my words and visions more accurately.
Point is : you are beautiful and I like your photographs.

(I joined this community a few weeks ago, but haven't introduced myself before. I am a 21-year old girl from Finland (a tiny country between Sweden and Russia) and I have always had a thing for people with jewish type of features. My mother's side of the family looks like a curious mix of italian/polish genes but sadly I haven't inherited much of that.)

ps. sorry if my english isn't very fluent, I'm still learning
Freakin yum! hehehe.., Your just simply one gorgeous jew.